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What is a charter school?

Charter schools are nonsectarian, secular public schools of choice that provide parents an alternative to traditional public schools. The "charter" establishing each school is a performance contract detailing the school's mission, program, goals, students served, methods of assessment, and ways to measure success. Charter schools, like all other public schools, do not teach religion.

A charter school is independently operated and can design elements of its own educational program, hire its own teachers and staff, and manage its own budget. The basic concept of charter schools is that the school enjoys enhanced autonomy, in return for accountability to its founders, parents, public and grantors.

Who operates LISA Academy?

LISA Academy is operated by LISA Foundation, a non-profit organization, established in Little Rock Arkansas. Lisa Foundation operates 2 charter schools in Arkansas

Why should parents consider sending their children to LISA?

LISA offers a comprehensive college preparatory program emphasizing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Our schools strive to play a role in satisfying this need. LISA also offers programs to encourage students to choose STEM majors in college, compete in an increasingly demanding workplace, and contribute to the long-term development for the state, national and global economies.

  • At LISA, we believe every child can learn, grow and become a successful and productive citizen. When this belief is combined with the expertise necessary to establish and operate a school, the result, we think, is an excellent environment for your children to learn. We believe that this environment will lay the foundation for a bright and productive future.

  • LISA emphasizes character education. We believe that parents want their children to attend schools where, in addition to receiving a strong education, students are taught to be honest, courageous and persistent individuals.

  • Our students wear uniforms daily and adhere to a clearly-articulated discipline policy.

  • Our teachers and leadership teams are experienced and committed to our students. At LISA Academy, our administrators are strong, dedicated and diverse individuals, who closely monitor the quality and viability of our organization

  • LISA Academy teachers are high-performing, quality educators

  • At LISA, our goal is to enable our graduating seniors to enroll in a top four-year public or private university

What distinguishes LISA from other charter & public schools?

LISA has very high expectations for students in both academics and behavior. Our faculty and staff are dedicated and hard-working, and receive regular professional development and supervision. They function as a team and are committed to ensuring that all students succeed regardless of their circumstances and disadvantages. LISA has a small classroom environment and small class size.

Do LISA offer gifted and talented program?

LISA is committed to implementing a program that meets the unique social, emotional, and intellectual needs of gifted and talented students through the collaboration of students, educators, parents and community members that ensures opportunities for maximum growth and development for life long success.

What courses are offered at LISA?

Many of the courses offered in traditional public schools will be offered at LISA Academy. However, LISA will offer a more broad and rigorous curriculum including English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, Physical Education and Foreign Languages. Special emphasis is placed on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects. In core and elective course selections, LISA students are presented with a wide range of challenging regular and advanced courses, including advanced placement (AP), Pre AP, dual credit courses.

As college-preparatory schools, students are expected to master critical content in regular and advanced courses, including AP classes as early as freshman year. Much of our instruction relies on mastery of basic skills in order to progress to higher-level skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving and many of our courses involve group projects that require teamwork and collaboration.

Who can apply for LISA?

LISA is open enrollment and free to all students living in their respective surrounding school districts. Students must also be age eligible to attend any LISA.

LISA hires faculty, administrators, and staff who embody the principles of character and leadership and who wish to be an active part of a community that values these principles in word and deed.

Is there a school uniform policy?

Yes, there is a school uniform policy at LISA. Parents are asked to purchase uniform shirts from their child's campus prior to the start of each school year. Additional uniform requirements can be found in your child's student handbook.

What ethical standards are in place at LISA?

At LISA, excellence is our standard, and this applies without exception to our students, teachers, faculty, Board of Directors, vendors, and anyone else affiliated with our schools. We have a meticulous recruitment and training process, and our teachers, in particular, are required to:

  • Recognize the basic dignities of all individuals with whom they interact in the performance of their duties;

  • Represent accurately their academic and professional qualifications;

  • Exercise due care to protect the mental and physical safety of students, colleagues, and subordinates;

  • Understand and apply the knowledge and skills appropriate to assigned responsibilities;

  • Keep in confidence legally confidential information they may obtain;

  • Ensure that their actions, or those of another on their behalf, are not made with the specific intent of advancing private economic interests;

  • Refrain from using their position or public property, or permitting another person to use an employee's position or public property, for partisan political or religious purposes; and,

  • Avoid accepting anything of value offered by another for the purpose of influencing judgment.

Does LISA teach religion?

No. LISA Academy does not teach any sort of religious curriculum. As a publicly funded charter school system, LISA Academy is required to abide by the same state curriculum as any traditional public school. We have more than a 10-year track record of delivering a rigorous math and science-centered curriculum that produces excellent academic results. We adhere strictly to the guidelines of the ADE, and our focus is on delivering excellent educational opportunities for children in Arkansas.