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Inclement Weather Information

Dear Students,
You are part of two different Google classrooms.  You are responsible for the work assigned during the Inclement Weather days.  Failure to complete the assignments will result in an absence being recorded for you.
The first classroom is for Math, English, Computer Science, and Physical Education.  The second classroom is for Science, Social Studies, Art/Music, and Foreign Languages.  You will have assignments in BOTH classrooms, and for each of your classes.  Please click the classroom below for the subjects you wish to begin work in.  Please note that you can also access your assignments from your email.  Assignments posted to Google Classroom will send your email a link to the assignment.
And, then, the first link is 
And, the second link is:

Kevin K. Durand, Ph.D. 

District Testing Coordinator, LISA Academy Public Charter Schools

Dean of Academics, LISA Academy West High School