Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are on Friday, February 14, 2020, between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Please go to the teacher's youcanbookme page and book your conference.
Teacher Subject Link For Appointments
Mr. Allison Resource English
Dr. Bakisli College Guidance Counselor
Ms. Baracosa Social Studies
Mr. Brown Art
Mr. Cengiz College Guidance Counselor
Ms. Chen Spanish Language
Ms. Deadmon ELA
Mr. Dineen Biology
Ms. Dunlap ELA
Mr. Dunn Math
Mr. Eggleton ELA
Mr. Eren Science
Mrs. Eren Science
Coach French PE
Mr. Gonser Math
Mrs. Gunn Spanish Language
Mr. Guzel Math
Ms. Harpool Computer Science
Mr. Harris Social Studies
Mr. Konac College Guidance Counselor
Dr. Lewis ELA
Ms. Marlett Music
Mr. Mode Math
Dr. Montalbo Science
Mr. Murataliev Computer
Ms. Ramsey Science
Ms. Ray ELA
Ms. Richardson ELA
Mr. Russenberger Social Studies
Mr. Secgin Turkish Language
Mr. Selcuk Math
Mrs. St Clair Math
Ms. Warner Social Studies
Mr. Wiley Math