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LISA Academy Community Service Guidelines

High School Community Service Policy


To cultivate good citizenship and civic responsibility, all high school students will be required to complete 75 hours of volunteer community service to be eligible for graduation.


Community Service Guidelines:

  •      Students may complete the 75 hours at one or multiple nonprofit organizations.
  •      Community service hours must be unpaid volunteering primarily focused on improving the community.
  •      Students cannot fulfill hours by assisting family members.
  •      Hours completed prior to entering high school do not count towards the requirement.
  •      There is no minimum community service hour requirement per grade level or a limit on the number of hours a student can earn towards the 75 hours in a year. For example, a student who earns 30 hours in 9th grade and 45 hours their sophomore year will have completed the required 75 hours prior to graduation.

Approved Organizations:

  •      Students must get approval from the principal or assigned administrator before beginning service at any organization if the organization is not on approved list.
  •      The principal maintains full discretion over what constitutes an approved community service organization. Approval is typically granted to established nonprofits focused on providing humanitarian services, community development, education, public health, or environmental conservation services.



For Transferring Students or Graduating Early

Students transferring into a public school district after 9th grade or students graduating early may receive a diploma provided that the minimum requirement for each year they attend a public school district in Arkansas is met.  The minimum number of community service hours for each grade level for those students shall be:  Fifteen (15) hours for students in 9th grade; Twenty (20) hours for students in 10th grade; Twenty (20) hours for students in 11th grade; Twenty (20) hours for students in 12th grade. For example, a student moves to Arkansas from a different state in 11th grade. The student would need to accrue 40 hours of community service to graduate.


  •      Students must submit documentation showing hours completed using a school-provided verification form signed by the supervising organizer.
  •       Falsifying documentation will result in disciplinary action.