After Care Policy Update

Parents and Guardians, 
We have made some changes to our Aftercare policy. Starting on March 2, 2020, in order to keep students and staff safe, and to have a clear count of who belongs on our campus after the 3:15 pm dismissal, going forward, if your student attends Aftercare one or more times in a month, you will be charged the after care fee of $60.00 for the month. After care is a great way to keep your students safe and keep them out of the elements after school. 
Per our old policy, if your student attended after care more than 6 times a month from August through the end of February, you will be receiving an invoice for your aftercare charges if you have not already paid. 
Any past due balances over $60.00 (one month)  or more at any given time throughout the year will result in your student not being able to attend aftercare until the balance is paid. 
To register your child for our after care program, please see the front office to get them signed up.